Outback Curved

Outback Curved Roof

services_clip_image004For those wanting a more contemporary look the Outback Curved Roof Verandah, Patio or Carport is an ideal choice. With smooth, clean lines the curved canopy will add a sense of style and sophistication to your home. The curved roof can span up to 6.6 metres wide in both Multispan and Clearspan designs. When combined with Flat Roof or Pergola sections the elegant curved roof forms a central design feature.
When Outback Clearspan is used and natural filtered light is desired, the Outback Rooflites can be used.


The Outback Multispan Curved Roof has purlins that are placed over the rafters in the roof. This supports either Outback Deck, a light and airy polycarbonate or classic corrugated steel as your choice of cladding.


The Outback Clearspan Curved Roof minimises beams and rafters through the use of Outback Deck, creating a clean and uncluttered roof area. Outback Deck is a very strong material that does not need extra purlins to support it.